AUTUMN/winter '22-23

Children Read Succeed

Brand Identity | Custom Logo | Web design + Development | Brand Marketing
Project Overview
Located in the Tennessee Valley region, Children Read Succeed is a non-profit organization focused on youth development, community education, and social support services. Following peer recommendation, Gloria Batts, founder, set out to shift their image and message from misleading and confusing to trustworthy and direct. Woven from a relationship of trust and total confidence, she consulted us, and we were granted with complete creative control over their graphic design needs. A new business name and fresh color scheme kickstarted the re-brand overhaul to wholly represents the organizational values -- youth & freedom, excitement & inspiration, and success & purpose. From there every design track was laid into place, one-by-one from primary & alternate logo design to web design and brand marketing, until a cohesive brand was built.

Services Provided: Brand Identity - Logo Design | Web Design | web Development | Brand Marketing & More
Industry: Non-profit | Youth development | Education | Community | social services |
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- Brian Reed